Loading CSV files with dates in the name of the file into Workbench




I need to create an automated job to upload files using workbench. The job runs daily and picks the latest CSV file with the date in the file name. So for example, if the job runs today it should know the file to upload is ABC_11122019.csv, similarly tomorrow it will be ABC_11132019.csv.


Hope it makes sense. I am new here so not sure if I am posting in right place. Advice me on how to setup such a process.


  • RMahon
    RMahon Domo Employee

    Hi there,


    Yes, this can be done. When setting up the job you will need to set the reader type to "CSV" and the transport type to "FTP/SFTP File Provider".


    Once the job is in workbench under the configure section you will need to edit the source section. you will enter your details in the Remote File box. there is a pop up there that will guide you with the correct formatting.


    I hope this moves you forward.