Transpose table with beast mode columns to rows


Currently, column 1 is my customer names, and columns 2 through n are my percentages (calculated by a beast mode).  I want to transpose this so the row 1 is my customer names (roughly 10 values at a time), and rows 2 through n are my percentages (roughly 30 or more values at a time).


I've seen similar topics elsewhere that don't mention what to do if you use a beast mode.


  • Using a collapse doesn't work, because these fields aren't calculated in the dataset, they're calculated as a beast mode.  And the values are only relevant when aggregated by customer (an attribute I would use on the final card).
  • Using a sumo card doesnt work because you can't group by a beast mode.

So it sounds like my only option might be to create a new sql data flow and do a left join so there's only one row per customer, then collapse that dataset (or tranpose in the sql flow).


Is that my only option or is there a better, simpler way to transpose a table for this?


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee



    You are correct the way to do this is to move those beast modes to a dataflow.



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