Visualizing cards in Domo as recommended in Storytelling with Data by Cole Knaffic

I recently attended a workshop from Storytelling with Data. There are key stylistic recommendations I was hoping to accomplish within Domo by leveraging more advanced features of the analyzer properties. Here are the recommendations I'm struggling with at the moment. If anyone has any tips, they'd be welcome! 


  • making a slope graph

  • changing alignment of axis labels to be "top" or "bottom" aligned

  • divergent stack bar charts where the axis's are customized

  • improve annotation within cards to be in a specific location v. date based (already submitted as a feature request)

  • outline style a bar or line to make it dotted (for indicating it as a prediction or forecast)


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Contributor

    Hi there,


    Have you been able to search for related articles and videos? For the  features,

    Domo does not support then submit the feedback as you have for other issues and follow up with your CSM.

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