How to create a chart with a rolling 12 month by month

Anyone have any ideas on how to create a chart with a rolling 12 month by month. I would like to create a chart similar to the attached in which for each month i have the rolling sum/count.


Thanks in advance for your help




  • Hi @user057102 


    building the card , in edit mode you should be able to select from the "Chart Types" > Vertical Bars , the one named "Running Total Bar".    as well as setting the last 12 months by month in the date grain options

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  • Hi @Godiepi 

    Thanks very much for your reply on this but this is not report me the desired result.
    This card report the running total, i mean e.g. each month takes into account itself plus the result of the previous month, while I should calculate the total for the last 12 months for each month.


    For instance in September 2019 i have to calculate the number of distinct cusotmers active in the last 12 months so from October 2018 till September 2019, then in October 2019 will be number of distinct customers from November 2018 till October 2019.


    Is this something achievable ?


    Thanks again for your help