DataSet via Email Connector with the link that goes to zip file




I am trying to set up an email connector. Every morning I receive a link from the email address and it should go directly to DOMO dataflow. It used to be a simple csv attachment and it used to work but now that it is a URL link that downloads the zip file, DOMO doesn't recognize it.

I chose "Download directly from link in email" in FILE LOCATION (in settings) but that doesn't work either. 


What am I missing here? Thank you for your help.


  • DataMaven

    Domo does not generally handle Zip files well, if at all.  Is there any way for you to get them to post it unzipped?  It also may be helpful to compare the zipped and unzipped sizes, as zipping does not do very much for some file types.  


    I suppose if you were able to provide input on how the file is delivered, you would have asked them to go back to how it used to be, but perhaps that small change would be more doable on their end.  



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