Page filter with Domo Eveywhere


Is there a way to embed page filters so that users can filter all card embeded within a page? 


  • TDaily
    TDaily Contributor

    If your using Page Embed(In Beta Right now) the interaction filters should work like this. You can build a filter card and put it in your story and then filter the page using that card. You can even choose what cards that filter card interacts with. I have attached a picture of the filter card types. If your using just Domo everywhere with multiple iframe widgets/cards then these will not interact with each other. 

    Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 10.40.59 AM.png

    Thank you
  • BeastMode

    Thanks @TDaily  the issues with those filters is that the criteria to filter by contains way too many values. In one instance alone, the dashboard requires 7 filters with each filter having between 10 - 30 values. A drop down filter like page filters would be cleaner and easier to use I believe.