CountIf in BeastMode or ETL ?

Good Morning Community

I have a 5M+ row dataset where I need to develop a "COUNTIF" function based on a 'Category" column (image enclosed/table below). Any help would be appreciate

Data contains too many distinct categories to list individually in beast-mode by name - kindly assist. 




DatePriceCategoryReportCOUNTIF GOAL
2019-Feb10,000.00Type 89Report 325
2019-Feb10,000.00Type 89Report 1075
2019-Feb10,000.00Type 89Report 175
2019-Feb10,000.00Type 89Report 535
2019-Feb10,000.00Type 89Report 195





  • Just to clarify,  Are you looking to check the Unique no. of reports under each category against the goal of 5?

  • No, the goal is not dependent on unique report names - only the number of times the category (i.e. Type 89) occurs in the column. 

  • Try this beast mode:

    COUNT(DISTINCT category) 


    This will give you a count of unique categories.

  • tried this, the result shows row data only not the column data. i.e. Goal = 1 not 5 

  • Its most likely doing that because of the report component which is different it appears on each row.

    If you sum the count(Distinct) it should give you the value of 5 that your looking for.

    If I'm interpreting this correctly.