Not show value labels for a particular value in Series (in a chart)


I am making a stacked chart. I have 4 different kind of values in my series ("Excellent, Good, Bad, Worse). These values are spread out (in a stacked chart) over days. I want to hide one value ("Worse) "completely, and only show the others. 


I've tried to make the series value ("Worse")  gray in color so that it can blend in the background, but the value labels still give me values for this. How can I show value labels for the others, but not for the "Worse" category. 




  • Godiepi

    If you want to completely hide the values from Worse then you can add the label as a filter and excluded completely from the chart.


    if you want to have the ability to show the value but by default to turn it off , then in edit mode in the card preview, click once on the worse label series , it will gray it out. hit save and your card should show all the others only, but if the user click on that series it will make it display.


    if you want worse to be called different then write a beastmode where label = worse then 'something else' else label .  

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