Sorting a flex table on Total without affecting graph column date order


I have created a flex table that shows changes over time in the graph column, with another column to show series total. I want to be able to sort the series with the highest quantity at the top.


The issue is whenever I do this it causes my graph column to show the dates in the wrong order. So for example, if I have a graph that shows monthly data, instead of July, August, September, when I sort on Totals the graph will show September,July, August. 


The Sort option seems to be effecting both the whole graph and the graph column, which is causing this issue. 

Is there any way to sort the Flex Table without throwing off the graph column?


  • eric_tetik

    Hi @user11128,


    You should be able to achieve this by sorting by date field first, then sort by the series total using an aggregation on SUM/COUNT/AVG as per your requirement


    Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 9.02.04 am.png




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