Table Card is limiting output to only 500 rows


I'm building a large Table Chart and have it set in the Analyzer to show All Rows. Unfortunately when I go to view the card after saving it states "Warning not all Data Shown" and says that it limits the data to only 500 rows. Any ideas on a solution for this? The only reason I'm using a table chart is because there are some columns that I need to keep confidential. I haven't seen a way to limit the functionality of adding hidden columns by end users in a Sumo chart. I've also not seen any functionality in PDP that would allow me to simply exclude or truncate select columns. Any help is appreciated, thanks!


  • There is a "Mega Table" card beta that would solve this issue for you.  If you are a part of the beta program, send Chuck Irwin (@chucki) an email to be included in the mega table beta.  I believe that these mega tables will eventually just replace the regular table cards, but I'm not sure about the timetable.

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    There's a pivot table option (beta versio). That will solve this problem. 

    Use the pivot table card. 

    Chart Type > Tables and Textboxes > Pivot Table

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