Beast Mode not available to add to Summary Number


I have a simple question that is frustrating me.  


I want to create a Customized Summary Number.  So I tried creating a simple beast mode using Concat.  


It was something real basic such as: 

CONCAT(`Total_Sales`,' Total Sales and',`Total_ROs`,' Total ROs for all')


And this Beast Mode is not available to be selected as a Summary Number.  


Thanks for everyone's help. 


  • Cartergan
    Cartergan Contributor

    I beleive the reason for this is that your Beast Mode does not contain any aggregations which is required for it to be used as the summary number. I feel you could incorporate the SUM function since you are already using total numbers it shouldn't change them and it should allow the calculation to be used as your summary number. 


    Let me know if this helps! 


  • @Cartergan is correct.  You need to provide some aggregation in the beastmode for it to be available as a summary number.


    CONCAT(sum(`Total_Sales`),' Total Sales and',sum(`Total_ROs`),' Total ROs for all')

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