Ifnull fails

I'm trying to work with Null values but not getting the result I expected. I want to display 0 when The Last Package date field is null, but when I do it, the card fails. IFNULL(LAST_PACKAGE_DATE,0)


Here is a video showing that: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kmObFFgnQ54lPLLcFh3N-3bUmB8NChrZ/view


Any suggestions?  I've tried waiting a while, full computer reboot incase of any session issues and also tried this instead but had the same result:


case when `LAST_PACKAGE_DATE`= '' then 0 else `LAST_PACKAGE_DATE`end 


  • I would just exit the card and try again. Sometimes it's just a bug.

    Or you could try modifying your case statement as follows:





  • My guess would be that you are trying to put a non-date with a date, so you might need to convert your date to a string then that or COALESCE should work to replace those nulls. 


    or if you are unable to convert the date to a string you could choose a date that you know doesn't exist in that table such as '1800-01-01'