How to log in as a test individual on RYUU in the Command line


I'll do my best to explain an issue that I'm encountering at my company. We have a custom made app that uses RYUU, the DOMO API and built with Vue.js. The app has been working fine for almost a year now but recently we've made some changes to the PDP rules. These changes affected one of the clients who uses our custom app and data is no longer loading for the client. 


We're trying to understand what happened but in order to do that, I'd like to create a 'test' individual who would fall under the client who's having issues and log in as them on RYUU through the command line. Would this work? Has anyone done anything like this? So currently I use my DOMO login in to login into RYUU but would want to create a test name and log in under them. (The test name would have more restrictive PDP rules and hopefully allow me to see issues.) Is there a better plan for this? 


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