Filter with dropdown AND Search


Is there a way to make a filter card with a drop down option?


Also, is there a way to put search bar in a filter? E.g in my filter there are over a 100 values. I want to be able to search (by typing) rather than manually sort through the filter (by clicking the small arrow keys). 




  • eric_tetik

    Hi @hamza_123,


    Other users (including myself) have also wanted to see a search bar feature in a filter card. There is a post in the Ideas Exchange which you can Like, support and follow.


    There is no dropdown option for filter cards at the moment.




  • MichelleH

    One way that I've gotten around this is to enable Page Filters instead of adding a filter card. If you save a filter to a page, it has a search bar functionality.



  • BeastMode

    I second this. It would be awesome to have drop down filters for stories as well. 

  • user004812



    I beleive the search feature on a filter is already there. When you apply a dimension or a measure as a quick filter, you should be able to see a magnifying glass. Click on it to type and look what you are searching for. 

    If this is not what you asked then i need more clarity on your question.



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