Ignore Filter in Beast Mode


I am building a report in a table in Domo. I am trying to compare a calculation result to a calculation result from the same day a year prior. I am currently filtering on a specific date, so that our employees can view the report for the date that they select. The first calculation is SUM(`ConcessionSalesAmount`)/SUM(`Ticket_Qty`) that gives us the average amount of concessions purchased by each individual. If I am filtering for 10/22/2019 then I would like to compare that average amount to the average amount from last year (10/22/2018). The calculation that I've come up with for the AverageFromLastYear column: 


(CASE WHEN `Revenue_Date` = DATE(DATE_ADD(`Revenue_Date`, interval -1 year)) THEN (SUM(`ConcessionSalesAmount`)/SUM(`Ticket_Qty`)) END)


What happens is that since the data is filtered to 10/22/2019 then all of the values in the AverageFromLastYear column are null. Is there a way to ignore filter for this specific beast mode calculation?



  • eric_tetik

    Hi @user095713,


    I'm not entirely sure if you can/cannot do what you want at the card level, however you should be able to do it in a SQL Transform. You could use your existing dataset as the input and do something along the lines of:


        SELECT *, (CASE WHEN `Revenue_Date` = DATE(DATE_ADD(`Revenue_Date`, interval -1 year)) THEN (SUM(`ConcessionSalesAmount`)/SUM(`Ticket_Qty`)) END) AS 'AverageFromLastYear'

        FROM [name_of_dataset]


    EDIT: Sorry, this won't work. Working on another solution.