How to get a filter to select date_time to date_time


Hi all,


I can not find a way to create a filter to performance something for example,  selecting between '2019-01-01 06:00' and '2019-01-02 7:00' on the card.

I can only select the date, not the time. I tried to use beast mode to extract time and put it in a separate filter, which would not work because it simply filters based on the time of all data and disregard that I would only want to apply (for above example) the greater than 6:00 for the first day, and less than 7:00 for the second day.




  • eric_tetik

    Hi @Peng,


    Can you share your Beast Mode calculation with us please?


    Also, are you certain that the date field that you're filtering on includes the time?




  • tadashii

    Try this little hack. Create a beastmode calc to convert your date time to numeric 

    year(`Date`)*1000000 + month(`Date`)*10000 + day(`Date`) *100 + hour(`Date`)


    Then use that new calc as a filter

    Date Time Hack.png


    After applying the new calc as a filter, the result is as follows



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