Qualtrics Connector Failure


Has anyone else had issues with getting the Qualtric connector set up?


I had mine set up and it was working great, but then one day it failed and threw the following error:


"Failed to authenticate. Verify the credentials and try again. . Domo is ready, but the credentials you entered are invalid. Verify your account credentials and try again."


Only ... nothing about the credenials that had been working before had changed. I even tested them in R and they worked fine. I contacted Domo support who told me to contact Qualtrics who told me that the everything was good on their end and that the API was working fine, which I again verfied by connecting to R using the same credentials as the ones I was attempting to use in Domo. I let Domo support know this but radio silence from them for the last week. 


So I am wondering, has anyone else run into this error or a similar error with this (or another platform)? How did you work around it? I really need to get this connector setup because I have several people waiting for the new dashboard!



  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Some times I have received an error about failed authentication on another connector and when I request less data it works. I think they told me it was due to an API change.

  • kelly_tagtow

    We just encountered this same situation and error 2 days ago. The Qualtrics connector was pulling data for several datasets and then authentication failed. Like you, my access using R and the qualtRics package still work, and Domo support indicated it was an issue on Qualtrics side.


    Did you ever find a solution for yourself?