which page is being shared in which group/user

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I want to know which page is being shared in which group.
Is there a feature for this?



For example I have page A, and I shared it to groupA and Mr.A,

I want to have a data which states that page a id being shared to group A and Mr. A


  • Are you asking something in addition to the following:

    1: Navigate to any page and click on the word "Share"





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  • Yes. 

    Since it's hard to check the pages/cards one by one to check into which group or people it is being shared.

    I thought it would be nice to have it as a list.

    Like a dataset that contains the title of the page and the groups it was shared. 

  • @JonavilCello  , If you are familiar with DOMO API using python or Java, you can create a table dataset with mapping to dashboard and users. 


    Here is the link for the reference. 


  • @mpoudel  Thank you! I actually tried this before, but I could  not find any container that holds information on the groups the page are being shared.

    I have the dataset for groups and user, same as page and user. but I want a link between page and group. 

    I wonder if I just missed it or it simply does not exist.

  • @JonavilCello 


    Are you aware of Domo Governance Dataset? You can get the required information from Domo Governance Datasets. You will see the Domo Governance Dataset connector under Data Connectors.



    Ajeet Mahajan 

  • @user18189  Yes I am currently using Domo Governance Dataset,

    The problem is there is no field that connects pages and the groups it was shared