Data Connector: Microsoft SharePoint Account


I'm trying to use the "Microsoft Sharepoint Account" connector to attach to an .XLSX file on our SharePoint site. The user credentials for the connector has read+write access to the site/file in question. However, the DOMO connect will not connect and I'm given a very generic error "Domo is ready, but the associated account is invalid. Please verify the account details are correct". 

I have reached out to Support (Tier I & Tier II) and they have told me...


"...I do want to point out that read/write access does not always mean they have full API access. From what I can tell, this user still needs to have API Access enabled on their account.

Once they reach out to SharePoint Support and have API access enabled, the connector should work as intended."

I have researched their suggestion and I cannot find anywhere a topic regarding SharePoint User API Access. 

Anyone else have this issue? Have you resolved it? How? I just want my users to update a SharePoint .XLSX file and for DOMO to refresh it's dataset/dataflows when it happens.