Release Update PopUps... users can't close them based on their browser zoom

Jeffsnake Contributor
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With the latest release pop-up that came out today (at least it did in our instance)... we are running into a kind of funny, but ultimately annoying issue.


For whatever reason, the popup seems bigger this time than it normally is.  The issue we are running into is that when our users launch domo, their browser zoom is set so that the entire release pop-up doesn't fit entirely on their screen (most of our users use "smallish" laptops)... so they don't see the "X" to close the pop-up.


I've lost count how many times today I've guided the user to Ctrl/- to zoom out until they see the "X".


I'm not sure what the technical solution might be... scaling the pop-up so that it always fits on the screen, putting a "close" button in the middle of the pop-up... etc.


I know this doesn't sound like a critical issue... but this happens every time there is a new release, and it does get frustrating.



Jeff H.


  • [Deleted User]

    Thanks @Jeffsnake,


    I checked with the release team and made you post visible to them. Here is their initial feedback.


    Thanks so much for the feedback. We have resized the pop-up as much as possible to try to accommodate your users. We’ll look into a better format for these messages in the future.