Calculations based on Page sync time


Is there a way to calculate a beast mode based on page sync time, or some other way to calculate a time difference that is live?


  • MarkSnodgrass

    You could create a beast mode function to look at the time difference between the current time using the NOW() function and the timestamp of when the dataset was last run which is _BATCH_LAST_RUN_, like this:


    You could DATEDIFF if you were looking at days instead of minutes and hours. There are a number of date & time functions available for use in the beast mode formula editor. Look through the list of options if neither of the above work for you.

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  • pairwin

    Thanks for your reply! I'm aware of these calculations, however, I'm looking for a solution where the beast mode refreshes every time the card is refreshed instead of only when the data set is updated. For example, I have a data set that updates every 15 minutes where the last timestamp in the data runs about 12 minutes behind the update timestamp.The way the calculations currently work, if I subtract the last timestamp in the data from NOW() it will show 12 minutes, which is correct at the time of update, but, if the dataset somehow doesn't update for an hour, the calculation will just show 12 minutes for that full hour instead of growing. I hope this makes sense.