Multiple Case When Statements

I am trying to build a multiple case when statement but can't seem to get it to work.  I want to show revenue buckets by either the Owner's name (for specific named users), 'CSG' for specific named users and then "No current sales rep" for all other users (the ELSE part).  This is what I have so far:


CASE WHEN `Owner.Name` = 'Name 1' OR
`Owner.Name` = 'Name 2' OR
`Owner.Name` = 'Name 3'

CASE WHEN `Owner.Name` = 'Name 4' OR
`Owner.Name` = 'Name 5' OR
`Owner.Name` = 'Name 6' OR
`Owner.Name` = 'Name 7' OR

'No Current Sales Rep'


  • @user07184 

    You were close. Just a couple syntax changes. Change the OR to an IN statement. You also had a second CASE in there that shouldn't be there. This should work for you:


    WHEN `Owner.Name` IN ('Name 1','Name 2','Name 3')
    THEN `Owner.Name`

    WHEN `Owner.Name` IN ('Name 4','Name 5','Name 6','Name 7')

    THEN 'CSG'
    ELSE 'No Current Sales Rep'

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