Not receiving Reported Issues

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Hi Guys,


When a card issues is reported, the cards owners are not recieving an alert (email). We are recieving reports and notifications from Domo but not Reported Issues.


Can anyone shed any light on this?




  • MarkSnodgrass


    I'm not aware of being able to receive an e-mail if a card has an issue. I've only seen it for datasets and dataflows. Could be a nice enhacement, though. You could submit it in the ideas exchange section of Dojo if others confirm that this feature does not currently exist.

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  • user04231

    @MarkSnodgrass thanks for responding.


    Ive attached a screen shot from Domo issues window which states "Direct notifications will be sent to:".


    Any help will be apprieciated. 

  • Ajeet_Mahajan

    Hello user04231,


    Have you tried to reach to Domo support? We have not seen such an issue in our instance; we got the notification if someone report card related issues through the Report Issue tab.



    Ajeet Mahajan