Salesforce Community Users


Lots of background setting up domo with salesforce. - New opportunity to where a client wants to use a salesforce community. Any gotchas to be aware of?  Trying to undersand if we have additional steps to allow community users access to the same domo instance. 


  • guitarhero23

    The opportunity is that they are creating a Salesforce Community and want their community related data in Domo and/or they want all of their community members to access Domo? I don't particularly know what sort of gotchas differ other than permissions might need to be reviewed heavily as often Salesforce Communities are for customers of the company so if that's the case obviously you don't want them to be able to see private company data. Do you have anymore info about the use case around who these community users are and the amount? Can't really estimate cost as you might have an unlimited user deal or something with Domo.

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