How to use "Single Value" widgets to show aggregations instead of just top row


I've put a "single value" widget in my Domo card (through Design App Studio). When I import it into Domo, and conect it to a dataset, it does not sum the column value, however only shows the value of top row. 


e.g If I set "Number of Users" column as the value, the widget only shows the value of top row (which happend to be zero). Why does it not sum the whole column? (I've evern tried grouping data in the data preview tab).


If anybody can help. 


  • hamza_123
    hamza_123 Contributor

    As an update to my original question, I tried to connect a dataset with only one row to my widget (created through Design App Studio). It still shows a value of zero, even when the value of the column is not zero (its 20). 

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