Can I use icons/pictures (apart from widgets) in Adobe illustrator as filters in my cards?


I am using Domo's extension in Adobe Illustrator. I want to add pictures/shapes (seperate from widgets), and then use them as interactive filters in the card. 


When I export the card to Domo, I cannot use the inserted pictures/icons as filters. I'm labelling the layers in the workspace to reflect my filters (e.g I renamed an icon as "Tom" (in layers panel) so that when I click on it in Domo, Tom's results are filtered. 


I did the same in Inkscape (upload SVGs to Domo), and they worked then (I would name objects in the SVGs). But they don't seem to work in Illustrator. 


Can anybody explain please. 


  • When you add the artwork to Domo as a .svg file, you are using that artwork as a custom map that then has a dataset applied and mapped to it.  


    You may want to try adding a map widget with your AI plugin and then see if you can alter the layers to change the artwork from the map image to your custom image.


    Not sure if this is doable or not, but that is how I would attempt it.  Good luck

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