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A while back, our company went through a company name change as well as an email domain change.

Our DOMO instance was updated as needed. But now when scanning user profiles, I see a lot of "Inactive Account" profiles with the old email address.

Is there a way to merge those inactive account with the current active account for that user? If not, is there a way to remove them from the profile list?


Thank you. 


  • eric_tetik

    Hi YoDaMo,


    If I understood you correctly, you have users in Admin Settings > People that are showing up as inactive. As far as I know there is no way to "merge" accounts together. What are your intentions for merging the accounts? Do you want to replicate permissions/settings, copy across cards from the old account to the new account?


    If your organisation doesn't use SSO (single sign-on) then you should be able to change users' email addresses, details, permissions and so on, given you have the right access (if you have a large number of users you can do a bulk export, make changes to CSV, then perform a bulk import). You can edit the old (inactive) accounts and delete the new. So users don't lose any new cards they've created in their overview, I'd recommend they share those cards to a public space, then re-add them to their Overview in their old account.


    If your organisation does use SSO, then you can follow the instructions here to modify email addresses to match what you have within your SSO provider, or if needed you could delete the user inside Admin Settings > People > [User] (see attachment)




  • YoDaMo

    Hello Eric,


    Thank you for your reply. Yes I do have full admin rights and we are using SSO.

    To clarify further, when you open a user profile following the link (as seen on pic: to profile), the main profile page opens where you can see the org chart for that person, the badges, Domo scores etc., you also have the option from this page to scroll (left or right arows) to see other profiles.

    What I found in my case, is that I have 2 profiles: 1 active and 1 inactive (see 2 pics, profile active and profile inactive) .

    Under user admin, I am listed only once, so there is no option to delete the inactive profile/account from there. This why i was wondering if it was somehow possible to merge the 2, or delete the inactive one.


    Thanks again.


  • YoDaMo

    Here is more detail on what I am trying to accomplish.

    I have full admin rights and we are using SSO.

    When accessing a user profile as show in pic "to profile" the full profile page opens showing , domo score, tenure etc. (pic: YodaMo_profile Active).

    On the same screen, there is also the functionalty to scroll through profiles by using the arrows on the left and right side of the screen.

    When doing so, I can see some profiles listed as "Innactive account" (se pic YoDaMo Profile inactive). 

    Under the user admin, YoDaMo (under actual user name) is only listed once, so there is no way to delete an "inactive account" ( i cannot find anywhere an option to show inactive accounts, under user admin).

    Is it possible to merge active and innactive profiles/accounts for the same user, if not is there a way to delete or hide the inactive profile/accounts?