Modifying a Summary Number


I have a column in my data sheet with values like 0.202321. I display the AVERAGE of those values but when I select the NUMBER FORMAT as PERCENTAGE in the SUMMARY NUMBER, I get something like 20.2% when in fact the percentage should looke like 0.20%.

How would you go about transforming these values? One idea I had was creating a new column using ETL.
Column X divided by 100


It seems odd that this is the correct solution.



  • guitarhero23

    What if you just created a calculated field and do


    AVG(`column`) * 100

    Then use that new columns as the summary value 

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  • user10383


  • That is interesting that there is not a "multiply by 100" checkbox in the summary number formatting section like there is when you use a field in the main card area. If that was offered, you could just uncheck that box. Since that isn't option, you should create a calculated field and create the formula like this: 


    You need to use an aggregate function like AVG for your newly created calculated field to show up in the list of fields when selecting a summary number. You could also use SUM, MIN, or MAX if those functions suit your needs better. Hope this helps.

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