Ranking Bar Chart Limitation?


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I've built a simple bar chart that shows the top 5 selling products ranked by net sales.  I have the series set to the Product Category they belong to.  I've been asked to add the quantity (# of units sold) measure.  I'm not finding a way to add in another measure.  Any suggestions?


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  • guitarhero23

    One way you can do this is the following:


    Given this sample dataset



    You can can set it the following way to have $Net Sales along the Y axis and units sold along the top. So for this example we see that Cinnamon buns sold the most units but made the least amount of money since they are cheaper than all the other items. Make sure you sort so that products sold is accounted for.



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  • PWeed

    Thanks, this gets me most of the way there.  However, I lose the ability to limit the result to just 5 bars once I put in the #Units Sold.  Any thoughts on this?

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  • guitarhero23

    An ETL dataflow could help with this. Our goal would be to rank all the products based on some column, I assume you want Net Sales and then store that rank in a new column so that we can use it to filter on cards, so in the case of our simple bar chart we could filter where our new column we'll call SalesRank is <=5.


    Do the following. New ETL




    1: Add an Input Block and choose your dataset

    2: Add a "Rank & Window" block

    • 1: Use Rank as the type of function
    • 2: Select NetSales as the column to order the function on
    • 3: Descending order so highest net sales is Rank 1

    3: Add an Output block and name your new dataset




    Now if you go back to your card change the dataset to be the new one we created. Add the new column which contains the rank to the filter and set the filter to <= 5


    I added more products to my dataset but as you can see only the top 5 show





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  • PWeed

    Thanks for the suggestion but this did not work.  My card is part of a dashboard with several other cards.  I'm using a Sales Date page filter so the product ranking will change dependent upon date range.

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