Is there a way to disable Table view?

JonavilCello Member
edited March 2023 in Datasets

I am using markup language (HTML) in my cards, and I don't want the other people see it.

there is no problem with the default chart view, but when they switch to table view, they can see my codes.


Is there a way to disable Table view?

Thank you! 


  • guitarhero23

    I only know of that being an option for embedding, within Domo I haven't seen a way, you might want to submit an idea suggestion if noone else knows of a way to do it within Domo



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  • JonavilCello

    It's interesting that there is such option for embedded cards.

    I wish we also have that in normal views ><


  • Ajeet_Mahajan


     You can create a drill path over the parent card and too a tabular card. In that card, select the columns you wish others can see. Then retrist the raw datatable view by checking option prevent drilling to final data grid view.



    Ajeet Mahajan