Partition By Beast Mode as a Filter


I created this Max('Value') that is grouped by a certain NamingKey using the Partition By.  


I followed the syntax recommended by DOMO in the attached image.  


I was able to get Max and Min values and use them within a Case statement, but I could not filter from that Case Statement.  


The Partition By Beast Modes just don't populate as filters.  Do I need to go through MagicETL? Thanks.  





  • guitarhero23

    You cannot use aggregate beast modes as filters as documented HERE.


    You're correct that MagicETL or a MySQL dataflow could achieve this so that you can filter. The MySQL dataflow syntax should be similar or the same.


    This MySQL dataflow I thought would do the trick but I'm getting an error: Source example:


    ,`series column`
    ,MAX(`value`) OVER(PARTITION BY `series column`) as 'MaxInSeries'

    FROM `dojohelppartitionover`

    Even the MySQL documentation found HERE claims this is how you would do it, maybe it's just my data or something buggy for me? Can you try and let me know?



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