URL action from Domo to SharePoint to auto-populate data

Hello Team,

We’re presenting tomorrow morning and need some help ASAP please. See below for details and attached for snap shots.

I’m trying to create an action with Domo like how I do in Tableau. In Tableau I create a URL Action with a dashboard that auto populates a report in SharePoint. Is this possible within Domo? See below for screen shots of how it happens. Also, can we get a call so I can show you as well please?

Step 1: Click the row of data you want to populate in SharePoint


Step 2: Tableau auto populates the Sharepoint report with the row of data you clicked on.

This examples shows I clicked on the first row of data in Tableau to populate the SharePoint report.

Currently, this calculation gets me to SharePoint but doesn’t populate the Sharepoint report:

CONCAT('<a href=', CONCAT('https://educate.one.dell.com/team/sales/Lists/Miles%20Account%20List/NewForm.aspx?',`End User DnB Name`), '>',`End User DnB Name`,' target = Account Name> View in SharePoint </a>')


  • Hi @user10383 just FYI the Dojo contains both regular users like yourself and sometimes Domo employees will engage as well but just want to say if you need some sort of immediate help including a call it likely won't happen in this medium, I'd recommend reaching out to the Domo support team and/or your account manager.


    I'm not familiar with doing this in that way in Domo, I'm also curious how Tableau is doing it, I'll have to check into their documentation.  


    Again I don't really have an answer for you but just wanted to recommend to contact support or your account manager for something this immediate.


    Edit: See my reply below, I now realize what you're asking. Potential answer below.



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  • After reviewing the Tableau documentation are you sure it's "writing" data to SharePoint? It would appear that it's more like the data is already in SharePoint and the specialized URL you go to is filtering the existing data to just the one you clicked on.


    Edit: After re-reading your message you never said "write" you said "populate" which I incorrectly assumed meant populating (writing) data. You're just going to a URL with some parameters that your system then uses to filter/build a report based on data already in your system (SharePoint).


    If that's the case you should be able to replicate it in Domo in a similar manner as you attempted, might need some tweaking. Can you give me an example of the end result URL you expect? I'm confused by what you're trying to accomplish by inserting the DnB name twice.


    This calculated field will give you the end result of (using "Acmeinc": https://educate.one.dell.com/team/sales/Lists/Miles%20Account%20List/NewForm.aspx?AcmeInc

    CONCAT('<a href= "https://educate.one.dell.com/team/sales/Lists/Miles Account List/NewForm.aspx?',`End User DnB Name`, '" target = Account Name> View in SharePoint </a>')

    If you let me know the exact URL you want to visit I might be able to get it closer.



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  • @user10383  Any luck, or any feedback on your immediate need based on what I wrote?

    **Make sure to like any users posts that helped you and accept the ones who solved your issue.**
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