'%' symbols not populating on the usage of CSV Connector

I have a couple of colums in a CSV which has % symbols included in the value. But upon uploading the data, I do not see the % symbol rather the value gets changed.
If my CSV has 30% then upon uploading it changes to 0.300
I do not want that to show up in my card. How do I avoid the same.
Please help me.


  • So similar to your other question, Excel will take raw CSV and display it to you certain ways. So in Excel when you open a CSV it might show the % symbol when the underlying raw CSV data is actually .300. When you upload the raw data to Domo it correctly shows that the value is .300. On your card you can choose how you want it to be displayed. To make it show as 30% instead of .300 add the column to your card, hover over the column in the analyzer and click the pencil icon>Format>Display as. This will allow you to change it to show as a percent






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