calculate exactly like Pivot tables in sql



I have sanpshot coming daily which gives the information of how and what sales we did for that day and it all formulates under ship to fiscal week, year , product, invoices, amount, etc.

 So what shall be my best approach to make it automated. I know we have distinct function in SQL which gives me quick win, so I dont have to manually and sort the unique invoices and calculate that particular Product under it. What shall be my best approach and which charts I shall formulate this kind of forecasting. Do anyone have exposure to make it in story telling dashboard ?

my daily snapsot looks like this, 

Also my user like to see historical data from 2015 and going forward.... Also they are comparing their data with targets they set starting of each year( which is hard coded).




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  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor

    Its not clear what you are trying to do here. You mention automating, what are you trying to automate? Are you trying to save the snapshot infomation in a table (automating this task)? Some more information will help in answering this part.


    If you have targets for these numbers, I would use a bullet chart for displaying current year's data against last year's data and the target. This way it tells you a story of how your sales are doing compared to the target and to that of last year.

  • Techy007

    @rahul93 Business is manually calculating the Sales every week and putting it in excel dashboard. How can I do similar calculations in Domo. Pivot tables consists of :

    1. Ship Fiscal Week Number

    2. Unique Invoice- 

    3. Product category 

    4. Total of each product


    How can I formulate this in magic ETL/ SQL.