Map learning

I'm trying to use map for the first time and it seems that I have the basics, but wondering if there are few things that would like to do and maybe Domo can do it as well. 

1. I have my table where I have full address, city, zipcode and location. 

    GOAL: would like to have zipcode location colored by their location, but can't figure out yet. 

2. I have put the Data Label Settings text as %_LONGNAME %_VALUE  to get the city name and the value.

    GOAL: be able to put the city name and value withoug hovering, but withouth showing all other areas where there is no data. I can hide the NO DATA ITEMS, but by doing that all the cities around it goes away and would like to see them (preferrly) to have an idea of the cities around it. 


Hope someone can guide me on how we can achieve these goals or not. 

Thanks in advanced. 


  • To your point in #1, are you saying you don't want a state map or a county map that is populated using your zipcode but you want a US map that is displayed by zip code? If my interpretation is correct Domo doesn't natively have an area code map for the US but you could populate the density of counties based on the zip code, details here.



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  • Thank you @guitarhero23 for replying. 

    On my data table we record F_name, L_name, full address, city, state, zipcode and campus.

    so I'm looking for that when I see the county map, I can see those location base on color location.

    For example:

    F_Name   L_Nmae     full_address                City            State      Zipcode    Location


    John         Smith        123 Only Way Rd.       Dallas         TX         12345         North

    Sam         Loya          321 One Rd.                Garland     TX         23456         North

    Mike         Jackson      45 First St.                 Dallas         TX         12345         North

    Al             Becker      4521 Wrong Way.       Dallas         TX         56789         South

    Maria      Medina         21 Main Dr.             Dallas          TX         67891         South

    Amy         Fain          7894 LakeFront Rd.    Dallas         TX         45612         East


    *These are just made up examples, but the point is that in the map I can see all the North location in one color. All the South location on another color and all the East location on another color. 

    This is my first goal.

    At the moment it gives me only two colors when there are more than 2 location and I don't know how it's getting those two groups. 


    Hope this make sense.



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