Card and Beast Mode to Isolate Best Performing Stores


Hi all,

I need some ideas and help in trying to isolate best and worst performing stores based on say a monthly or YTD YoY ratio.  


I don't know yet where to start but I would like to have an option to look at YoY differences for the month or for the year and then develop a ranking type chart of best and worst performing stores.  


The data looks something like this.  Each transaction is based on an individual purchase and daily type data.  


Any ideas on a card that isolates the best and worst performing the previous month or the past year would be interesting.  Then another card to trend out those stores use the stores as filters would be interestng as well but more complex.  


Thanks for your help, lmk if you guys need any additional information. 


Also the idea is to (Count Distinct AcqID) to get me TOTAL SALES.   


Store DateAcqID
Store A7/1/19A11
Store B7/15/19A12
Store C7/6/19A13
Store A5/27/19A14
Store B5/26/19A15
Store C6/27/19A16
Store A6/26/19A17
Store B7/25/19A18
Store C5/30/19A19
Store A5/11/19A20
Store B6/23/19A21
Store C7/26/19A22
Store A5/23/19A23
Store B5/1/19A24
Store C5/13/19A25
Store A5/27/19A26
Store B6/19/19A27
Store C6/10/19A28
Store A8/10/19A29
Store B5/19/19A30
Store C8/20/19A31
Store A8/14/19A32
Store B5/26/19A33
Store C6/19/19A34
Store A7/3/19A35
Store B7/21/19A36
Store C5/8/19A37
Store A8/7/19A38
Store B6/9/19A39
Store C6/15/19A40
Store A8/23/19A41
Store B7/20/19A42
Store C8/15/18A43
Store A7/15/18A44
Store B5/3/18A45
Store C5/15/19A46
Store A7/26/19A47
Store B7/9/19A48
Store C5/23/19A49
Store A7/18/18A50
Store B5/20/18A51
Store C5/4/18A52
Store A8/8/19A53


  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee


    you could rank the stores using the rank and window feature in an ETL and then filter on the rank