Add a vertical line to a line graph


My data returns the amount expensed per month for the past months. The current month and remaining months for the year show the projected remaining budget. Is it possible to do either of the following?


- Add a vertical line on the current month to show that the line is now showing projected budget, not actual amount expensed.

- Have the line change color once it hits August (the current month).


Thank you!




  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    My first thought is to use series & color rules to plot two lines on the card.  Then write a beast mode with a case statement to determine if the date is in the past, or in the future.  Suppress the lines so that:

    • The past values are "Actual" and are represented by a green line (Jan thru Jul shows that line).
    • The future values are "Budget" and are represented by a blue line (Aug thru Dec shows that line).


    Am I understanding your question? 

  • user16684

    Yes, I believe you are understanding. For the case statement, what would you have as the output? If it's a past month, then ___ ?

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