Conditional file creation in DoMo


HI All,


I am extracting data from one of the source and need to create output file in DoMo. If extracted record count is less than or equal to 1000 records then output file ( filename say xyz.csv) will  contain 1000 records . If the extracted record count is greater than 1000 then same output file ( xyz.csv ) will be empty output file ( contain zero records).   


Can anybody help me on this?


  • guitarhero23

    I'm unclear on what exactly you're doing. Are you using the API to get a csv from Domo of a dataset you have? If so can you share your code of what you're doing? If you're doing something else can you explain the process you're going through?

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  • user12075


    Sorry i was on leave for a week causing delay in responce. Below is the brief desription of problem statement.


    1) I am receiveing .csv file locally on daily basis containing some records.

    2) I am loading data from this .csv file into respective dataset (say xyz.csv) in DoMo and use it as source.

    3) Further i extract this data from (xyz.csv) and checking number of records present in that file (xyz.csv). 4) Now,before carrying further trasformation i need to check # of records present in that file (xyz.csv)

    5) if record count is <= 1000 then some trasformation is made and output file is created as abc.csv

    6) and if record count is > 1000 then empty abc.csv is created.

    7) As specified in point 5 and 6 i need to create ONLY ONE output file abc.dat based on some condition

    ? How shall i acheive this ( Point 7) in DoMo. Also, please let me know if alternate mathod can be used (if any )

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