Connecting Multiple Accounts from a given Social Media Site


Recently started with Domo and need to connect 19 different accounts to it. Am wondering on the best way to connect the 1 Website, 16 Facebook Acccounts, 5 Instagram Accounts, 18 Youtube Accounts, and 5 Pinterest Accounts. I understand that using the apps would work but am trying to streamline the process so that I could get a single report for the activity on those websites. Do I have to create 56 Unique accounts or can I connect the one main account for each of the social media sites and connect each of them that way? 


Or if there are any other suggestions that would be great as well.


  • guitarhero23

    You have to give permissions for Domo to access to an account that has access to the resources you're looking for so you need as many accounts setup as are able to access the pages you need. Ex. If one facebook account has permissions to manage 10 company pages that you want stats for you only need to create that one account in Domo, but if it's setup where each account only has access to a single facebook page you want stats on yes, you have to create 10 different accounts.


    Once the data is in Domo you can use a dataflow to combine them together however you see fit so that you can have a single report for activity.

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