Custom Chart - Customizing the Legend Values / Displayed Names

I have a custom chart that lists all the counties in our state.  When applying the custom chart to data, the legend populates the values. I want the legend to populate the names. Can this be achieved?  The first photo shows how the legend is showing counts of the FIPS (counties) values.  The second photo shows an example of the county name displayed when hovered (DuPage) which is what I would like the legend to always display. There seems to be few legend options in the Chart Properties for Custom Charts. Any ideas?






  • I can't think of a way, or fully understand the use case, for getting the legend of this chart to display the county names.  In your example, there are at least two counties with a value of 2 and several with one.  Are you saying you want to see the legend simply list every county?  


    Depending on your use case, I would recommend putting either a filter card next to this map or a table card with the name of each county.  


    What is your ultimate goal in listing out the county names in the legend?

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