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Here is the situation:

I have scheduled Workbench job whose source is a DB view. There is a column in view's underlying table called  'Sales ' of datatype float. Till date the data in it was integer numbers. The Workbench Job was executing fine. when i added a decimal value into the Sales field, the scheduled Job failed saying 

"Workbench DataSet Job schema does not match Domo DataSet schema..."

So my question is :

  • Is the Workbench determining the column Datatype based on the content of that particular column values when the job is created?

Only the scheduled job fails in this situation, a manual run changes the schema and will not fail. 


Looking forward to your insights on this.




  • guitarhero23

    Have you tried checking off the setting under "Configure>Additional settings>Allow schema changes"?


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  • Rohil


    Will check and see if it works.

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