Exporting the Predictive Analytics


I really like the predictive analytics piece that was recently added, and I was using a stacked bar graph to see various account spend and future spend. I wanted to export the future values to excel and it seems to stop at current values. Any ways to accomplish this without manually recording the data?


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    i'm reasonably confident the future values are extrapolated in the card engine (but not the data engine).  it might be of interest to see what happens when you export the card data (as opposed to the export dataset) , but i'd be unsurprised if that didn't work.


    i know it's more work, but if you are interested in the predictions, it may be of value to try to model the prediction in ETL / as a dataset.  Then feed that forecast into a recursive ETL.


    if you don't capture the historical prediction as a dataset, then you only know 'what is the prediction today' but no way to measure / compare 'how accurate was the forecast a week ago?'

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