Can a workbench connection delete a file after it has been imported?


I have a workbench (WB) job that connects to a file on a sharefile ftp server (ftps:// and I can get the data from the shared file.

However I would like to then delete said file on sharefile (after a successful import).
Is there support for that using Domo Workbench (- or perhaps a plugin)?

Thanks in advance for any info on that.


  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    Interesting thought, I hope someone here has done this already and can point you in the right direction. Some initial thoughts,


    Based on THIS it doesn't mention deleting files on the file system however if it can't be done with a plugin you might be able to leverage the fact that you can start a workbench job from the command line. Something like a script/job that triggers the workbench job to start and once complete then deletes the file in question. Unless they've made improvements it does not appear that the command line reports status but they discuss scraping log files to figure out when it's complete.

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