Combining values in 3 columns into 1 new column


I have 3 columns of dates (for example purchase date of: Column 1 - Apple , Column 2 - Pears, Column 3 - oranges). I want to create a new column that combines all 3 of these column dates to display a single column of dates. This is to be used for another set of data analysis (where the date is important and needs to be combined).


Is this possible and an easy solution? Thanks.


  • guitarhero23
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    I'm not sure exactly how this would work well, having 3 dates that represent different things all in one column. Seems like it would be hard to re-use later on because I doubt it will even register as a date field probably just string. You can however use the "Combine Columns" ETL block to achieve what you're asking, but definitely think about how you would analyze this later.


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  • EF1218

    If you want to do this at the card level, you could also concatenate the three columns in a new calculated field. 


    I attached a picutre of how this would work (the fields in blue are my sample date fields). The new field, Combined Dates, would appear at the card level (you could also select to share it on the data set and it would show up on all other cards built off that data Combined Dates.PNGset). 


    I hope that helps!

  • ST_-Superman-_

    Tell me if I’m understanding this correctly. You have three columns with dates in them and you need to keep all of the data but have only one date field?data flow notes-13.jpg


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