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This question is similar to Table Card export in that it is about exporting to Excel.  I am trying to export a dataset / column as a hyperlink.  In Excel, that could be a formula: =HYPERLINK(...  The issue I'm having is that the export ALWAYS seems to prepend an apostrophe onto the formula, just before the equal sign.  


Any ideas on how to get around that?  I know that I am not putting it there; my dataflow includes a SQL step that builds the formula:

'=HYPERLINK("https://emc.my.salesforce.com/' || "opp_id" || '", "' || "opp_nm" || '")' AS "Opportunity LINK"

but the single quotes are needed for the concatenation.  The export does it both as Excel export and .CSV export.  Weird.  



  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee


    Could you give an example of what the value looks like before you export it?

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