Report on/Export all Salesforce fields that are used in data sets/flows




I was wondering if there is any way to pull a list of all fields that are being used from Salesforce? We have thousands of fields that we use from SF and every month new fields are added or discontinued by our developers. The developers give us a list of the new fields but we'd like an easy way to track down what deperacted fields we are still using in data sets and flows.


Thank you.


  • guitarhero23
    guitarhero23 Contributor

    Options that I see:

    • Filter all datasets to only show Salesforce datasets and export them all and combine in Excel to get a list of ALL fields being used.
    • If you're code savvy it would be better to use the Domo API get retrieve this. You can get a list of all datasets and their columns

    The endpoint for all datasets is

    The endpoint for all columns in a dataset is{DatasetID}


    The only complication seems to be that the neither response explicitly states which connector was used for the dataset so you'd have to have some way to filter which ones are Salesforce. My naming convention for datasets starts with the system aka "Salesforce - Cases" so i'm able to just filter on if the name contains Salesforce, i don't know if you'll have this luxury. Might be another endpoint to get this info I just haven't had to yet.

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