Domo Excel Plug in won't upload


Hi I just recently downloaded the Domo Excel Plug in and I am having trouble uploading the DataSet back to the same DataSet I pulled it from. It only gives me the option to create a new dataset.  The dataset I am trying to update was orginially an excel file so I am confused why it is not allowing me to update it back into the original. I uploaded the excel file using the File Uploader and the Type of the Dataset is listed as a "file upload" could this be a reason why it is restricting me? Can the type of the file be changed or is there another way I should upload the file so that I can utilize this plug in? 




  • ST_-Superman-_

    If you uploaded the file with file uploader, then you need to use file uploader to "update" it.


    Try creating a new data set with the excel plug in.  Then, you can use the plug in to pull down the data set, make your changes, and then push it back to the same dataset.


    The issue is that for some reason Domo will not let you change the source method for a dataset.  If it was once a "file upload" connector, it must always be.  

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  • user18661

    Ok I tried uploading new datasets directly from the excel plug in, I am seeing the datasets show up within domo as "Excel powered" datasets, but when I try to download them again using the Plug in,  they don't show up within the list of available datasets. Is there a lag for them to show up?