BigQuery connector unexpected converts String to Number


Hello Community,

I'm using the Google BigQuery Service connector.


I found an unexpected behaviour truncating long numeric strings.
fullVisitorID is a string in BQ schema, even though this arrives in Domo as a string (when using BigQuery schema in the connector settings); there is a weird behaviour where the long numeric string is truncated to number and transformed to exponential form.
For example instead of
10139350147955357369 the string that appears in Domo is 1.0139350147955357E19


Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks for any comments


  • BrendanH
    BrendanH Domo Employee


    You may need to reach out to Domo Support to get this investigated 

  • I_love_tomatoes



    It's a bit hacky but you could try and force Domo to read it as a string.


    In the query you can add an arbitrary letter to the string so it is not possible for the value to be interpreted as a numeric value.


    For example instead of

    SELECT fullVisitorID FROM tablename;

    use something like:

    SELECT CAST(concat(fullVisitorId,'A') AS STRING) as fullVisitorID from tablename;

    then there should be no way Domo can read it as a string and you can preserve all the precision of the value.


    hope that helps

  • Unknown

    Awesome, thanks for that.

    Works like a charm, bit hacky but this will do for the moment.


    I've already commented on Ideas Sharing, for having the developers to look into it.