How to extract a certain dataset directly into MS Power BI tools like Power Pivot?



Is there anybody here had succesfully and directly linked the extraction of raw data from Domo to Power BI tools like Power Pivot?
Since we all know that ordinary excel file had limited rows while the new add-in in MS Office like Power Pivot has unlimited rows.





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    Can you explain your use case alittle more in depth? Are you expecting/hoping you could open Power BI and click some refresh button and get data from Domo to update your current data in Power BI? Is this purely for doing Excel like actions on large data that Excel normally can't handle hence why you're using the ability for unlimited rows?



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  • Yup! Actually I'm currently developing a report right now using the Power BI which has many excel files linked to that and also our Demantra system as a source data. The only thing left that i cannot connect is the raw data that i'm extracting in DOMO.
    and I'm prefered using Power BI because for me I can easily create/modify new measure that needed without involving IT support.

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