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We are currently trying to build out our quarterly attainment dashboard and would like a bit of advice on if anyone has done quarterly reports and how they built theirs out.  We have collaborated, but would like, if possible, to see how others have done their charting and metrics.  What we are looking for are metrics, charts, cards, ideas, etc.  Any examples or other posts similar to this one you can provide would be really helpful. 


If there is another post like this that I missed, I apologize in advance.  Thanks!


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    Solutions are often heavily dependent on your use case and what people at your company want to see and how they want to see it but I'll throw some things out that might be useful to think about.


    • Use page collections to group together categories of the data being shown to make it easier for the end user to locate and consume the cards
    • Add helpful page filters so they can filter multiple cards at once without leaving the dashboard
    • Since it sounds like the time period is important given it's quarterly, think of the best way to offer date filtering for users and card groupings (by day?, by month?, by quarter?). A real slick solution would be to use dataflows to rename any date columns that don't have the same name, that way you can have one page filter to control the date of all cards
    • Think about some of the edge cases of who you have to give reports to. Sometimes you might have users who don't have access to Domo because they are Ex. Board members, so generally someone prints/emails things out to them. If it makes it easier maybe set up a separate dashboard tailored to them that is easy to export.
    • Make the collection/card descriptions clear as to what the default time period is for the data. Sometimes people can get confused because it's a chart that doesn't show data changing overtime so it might not be clear to them what the date range is, and if you leave it defaulted to "Last Quarter" and they are working on things in the last few days of Q1 they may not realize that the data showing is "Last Quarter" AKA Q4 of the previous year because Q1 won't show until we are in Q2.


    If you have anymore specific questions let me know but hard to get more specific without more context. Good luck!

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